August 2014 Update:

There are many vendors that replace and/or grind sidewalks in your area.

  • Concrete Flatwork Perfexon Construction Inc – Ph. 503-701-7174- recently installed the sidewalk at the Salamo entrance of Barrington Heights
  • Coast Pavement (Ken VanDomelen) – Direct Phone: 503-619-2552 – Cell: 503-319-3860
  • Pavement Maintenance (Erica Savadow-Pope) – Phone: 503 257 9257
  • Springer Construction (Steve Shaw) 503-209-7059
  • Jeff & Sons (Jeff Conklin) 503-538-8156
  • Terry Rinkes Tractor Work 503-519-4561

A list of West Linn approved street trees and information about the Covenants Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) requirement regarding the street trees can be found on our Street Trees page. Our Sidewalks page has information about sidewalk issues and helpful tips for repair, as well as a sample Public Works permit for sidewalk repairs.

Please contact your commuinty manager with The Management Trust with any questions.

April 2014 Update:

Current sidewalk repairs in Barrington Heights are estimated to cost homeowners more than $100,000!

Many homeowners in Barrington Heights are facing the problem of needing to replace damaged sidewalks…and many others have already resolved this problem on their own. We are all required to maintain the sidewalks on our property, and keep them in good repair according to City of West Linn ordinances. As many of us have found, the planting areas between the sidewalks and the curb are too narrow for the types of street trees that were originally planted there. As a result, tree roots have caused sidewalks to crack throughout the neighborhood…especially in the older phases with more mature trees. Repairs are at the homeowner’s expense.

Homeowner’s Responsibility and City Requirements

According to the Sidewalk Ordinance of the City of West Linn (see link at top left of this page), “it is the duty of the owner of land abutting a sidewalk to maintain the sidewalk in good repair and safe condition.” Further, “the owner of real property abutting a sidewalk is liable to any person injured because of failure by the owner to maintain the sidewalk in good repair or safe condition.” Any repair to the sidewalk requires a public works permit and must be done to the standards set by the City. The City can require a homeowner to make repairs, but usually only does so if it receives a complaint. Note that the City is very aware that this is a major issue in West Linn, and around the country, and that it is often caused by street trees.

Suggestions and Process for Fixing Sidewalks

Assessment: The most common problems are either cracked sidewalks or displaced panels (i.e. one panel is higher than the one next to it). If the displacement is less than 1”, the City may allow the higher panel to be ground down, which is cheaper than actual replacement. If street trees are causing the problem, a tree expert may need to be consulted to prevent the issue from recurring. Note that smaller roots can sometimes be pruned, but the City Arborist will need to be consulted to avoid damaging the tree. In severe cases, the City Arborist may approve removal of the tree. Also note that the City sometimes will approve “curving” the replacement sidewalk to save the tree. Assessing the cause of the problem and the best solution can help avoid further sidewalk work in the near future.

Contracting: The City requires that licensed contractors be used on sidewalk repairs. If you know other homeowners who need repairs at the same time, consider working together since there is often a minimum charge for concrete (approximately enough for 10 sidewalk panels) and volume discounts are common. The Association cannot recommend individual contractors but may be able to steer you to homeowners who have been satisfied in the past.

City Permits: A public works permit will need to be obtained. The form Is available at City Hall or online at the Public Works website for the City of West Linn. A sample completed and approved permit application can be downloaded for reference. If tree work is required, you will need to contact the City Arborist for approval.

  • Note that the permit application is incomplete unless it is accompanied by a diagram of the location of the sidewalk panels being replaced. The diagram is needed by the inspector who will visit the property and determine specific requirements for the site.
  • Alternatively, it may be sufficient to provide a clear, verbal description such as: “Replace the 3rd & 4th sidewalk panel located to the left of the driveway.”
  • Note that there is a fee for the permit. The City will routinely waive this fee, if requested, when the request is to fix an unsafe sidewalk.The permit application should be filed at least two-weeks before starting the project, and longer if tree work is required.
  • The approved permit will contain specifications of City requirements that will need to be given to the contractor.
  • The approved application will contain instructions for the Contractor to call the City a day before the project start date to arrange for inspections. Note that inspections do not occur on Fridays (at this writing).
  • Overall, the permit process is not difficult and can be handled by email or with a visit to City Hall.