Neighborhood Standards

Barrington Heights Neighborhood Standards Committee

Currently, we have requirements for homeowner property (building standards, maintenance standards, etc.) which are a part of our CC&Rs, and which differ for each of the 10 phases of Barrington Heights. In addition, we have a short set of rules which are consistent across all phases. (See the Documents page for copies of all CC&Rs and Rules).

Some of the CC&Rs date back to 1985 and the Rules were last updated in 2003. Are these the “right” standards for our community? Are they being communicated properly? Enforced properly? These are the questions that the Neighborhood Standards Committee was asked by the Board to address. The objective was to maintain and enhance property values. The Committee met four times between June 28, 2010 and September 27, 2010, and presented its final recommendation at the October 13 Board Meeting. The report was approved by the Board, including the updated Rules and Regulations of the Association. (Download a copy of the Final Report.) See the updated Rules and Regulationsapproved by the Board.