May 2013

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Quarterly Newsletter

Connie Cermak has graciously composed another Barrington Heights newsletter that will be mailed out soon.  Please look for it as it has great information regarding our beautiful neighborhood.

Curb Appeal

Board members recently took a “spring walk” around the neighborhood to locate any improvements needed.  We found sidewalks in need of repair, a few landscape infractions and some minor home maintenance repairs that are in need of a little TLC. Our neighborhood is one of the most sought after places to reside in West Linn, so keep up the great work on your homes.

Sense of Community

Look for postcards from our social committee for upcoming events.  There’s no better feeling than a sense of community and Minny Olson and Michelle Walker are working hard to create gatherings for us to enjoy.

ARC Reminder

I know I’m not your mom, but just a friendly reminder to make sure you turn in ARC applications for approval BEFORE you start home improvement projects.  There’s a method to our madness and keeping our homes in line with HOA rules assures consistent property values.

Home Beautification Tips for the season:

  • A little bark dust goes along way in making your yard look pristine. A few companies that offer this service are, Grimm’s Fuel in Lake Oswego @ (503) 636-8441 and S & H Logging Co. in Tualatin @ (503) 638-1011.
  • Tis the season for Moles…yikes! Moles can ruin what could otherwise be a stunning yard. They tunnel underground for protection from predators as well as hunt for insects to eat.  Getting rid of them is not hard but the key to keeping your lawn in tact is to trap them before they do too much damage.  People prefer various types of mole removal methods such as sonic underground vibration or metal traps using worms or chemical agents to trap them.

City of West Linn News

For West Linn City news, visit Just a few upcoming events worth noting are the West Linn Annual Daddy Daughter Dance set for Friday, June 14th, our home grown community festival, the Old Time Fair, which will be held in July, and voting is now open for West Linn Movies in the Park.